Desktop Computer Data Recovery

Emerald City IT is a professional data recovery company in Seattle, Washington. We recover data from broken desktop computers, office computers, officer servers, and any machine with a hard drive.

Desktop PC data recovery - Windows data recovery - SATA hard drive data recovery 3.5

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3.5" SATA Hard Drive Data Recovery

Emerald City IT restores files from damaged computers, windows errors, operating system crashes, non bootable computers, and dead machines.

3.5" PATA Hard Drive Data Recovery

Emerald City restores files and partitions from old 3.5" hard drives found in computers manufactured before 2003. We recover data from corrupted hard drives, dead computers, and hard drives in storage.

24 Hour Data Recovery Support!

2.5 SSD hard drive data recovery - Samsung, Kingston, Western Digital, Seagate, IBM, HP, Lenovo, Dell

2.5" Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Emerald City IT recovers data from Solid State Drives found in many modern computers. We recover files from Windows errors, operating system crashes, and broken or dead computers.

M.2 NVME (M) Data Recovery, M.2 SATA (B+M) Data Recovery

M.2 NVME and M.2 SATA SSD Data Recovery

Emerald City IT recovers data from M.2 NVME and M.2 SATA hard drives found on the motherboards or PCIe slots of many modern computers.

24 Hour Data Recovery Support!


RAID Array Data Recovery

Emerald City IT recovers data from desktop RAID arrays from home and office environments. We restore files lost to hard drive corruption, failed RAID arrays, and broken or damaged computers.

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